First Look at the Infested Affix, Raging and Necrotic Updates in Battle for Azeroth

First Look at Infested

Infested is the 4th affix on Keystones in Battle for Azeroth that occurs at Keystone Level +10 and above. This is a Seasonal affix, which means that Infested will rotate out at the end of the Season 1 of Mythic+.

What is Infested?

Some mobs in each dungeon will be infested with a Symbiote of G’huun. They will appear larger, have a grey aura coming off of them and have the Symbiote of G’huun buff. Any other mob within 8 yards will have Regenerative Blood applied to them causing them to heal for 10% of their max health every 3 seconds.

When the Infested mob dies, it will release two Spawn of G’huun which will run towards the nearest non-boss NPC. Once it reaches its target, it will cast Infest, an uninterruptable 1 second cast. If it successfully casts Infest, it will infest the target with Symbiote of G’huun, starting the cycle again.

The Infested seems to promote Crowd Control spells. Pulling a large group with an Infested mob will result in the Infested mob and the rest being healed. Instead, its usually better to CC the Infested mob, deal with the remainder of the pack and the finish off the Infested mob last.

Which mobs are Infested?

According to a recent Q&A with Ion Hazzikostas, the mobs that are infested with Symbiote of G’huun are hand picked by Blizzard but there will be multiple sets of possibilities so it’s not completely random, but also not the same every week. You’ll have to change your strategy every week depending on which mobs are Infested.

You can see the difference in two runs of Atal’Dazar on the beta from Shakib’s TwitchFirst Video, Second Video.

Other Infested VoDs

Shakib has also highlighted some other Infested runs during the beta in Siege of Boralus and Underrot. You can also check out his Twitch page as he is doing Beta keys daily.

Raging and Necrotic Updates


Tanks will be happy to know that Necrotic Rot has been reduced from 3% per stack to 2% per stack in Battle for Azeroth! Now, tanks will be able to take up to 50 stacks per becoming unhealable, up from 33 stacks.


Raging can be a particularly nasty affix, especially on large trash mobs such as Glayvianna Soulrender from Vault of the Wardens in Legion. However, Enrage is classified as an Enrage effect and this means that with class utility being added in Battle for Azeroth, Druid and Hunters are able to lessen its impact!

  • Druids can use a GCD and Soothe to dispel one Enrage every 10 seconds.
  • Hunters can use a pet, such as a Spirit Beast, to command them to dispel a Enrage buff once every 10 seconds. e.g. Spirit Shock.

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