Fortnite Battle Royale is very likely getting the Freeze Trap

Fortnite, the game that every man and his dog is apparently playing nowadays, looks set to receive a new item in the shape of the Freeze Trap.

That’s at least according to data-mining Twitter account FNBRLeaks, which has discovered that the battle royale version of Epic Games’ shooter phenomenon will be equipped with the weapon soon.

Given that Fortnite usually updates on a Tuesday, we might see the Freeze Trap as soon as tomorrow. It’s already available in Save the World, so it’s not too much of a stretch to imagine it coming to battle royale.

As for what it does, well, you can probably guess. The Freeze Trap slows down enemies when they set it off, and also inflicts some small damage in the process.

It’s a massive time to be a Fortnite fan right now, as Season Six of the game has just kicked off. People are busy keeping an eye on the mysterious floating island at the moment though, which is currently moving from place to place on the game map.

What’s it all about? Who knows, but data miners reckon it’s going to grow in size at some point.


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