Fortnite dev says PS4 and Xbox One cross-play barrier will ‘inevitably come down’

Fortnite developer Epic Games reckons its only a matter of time before cross-play is enabled between PlayStation 4 and Xbox One players, suggesting it could be ‘one of the best things to ever happen to the console industry.’

Speaking at the State of Unreal panel at the Game Developers Conference 2018 this week (via PST), Epic boss Tim Sweeney reckons the barrier will ‘inevitably come down’ despite the fact Sony doesn’t seem willing to budge on the matter, having blocked cross-play for a number of titles.

‘I think it’s inevitable now,’ said Sweeney. ‘Games have become social experiences in the same way that Facebook or Twitter have, and these experiences only really make sense if gamers can communicate with all of their friends.’

Sweeney went on to say that preventing cross-play between PS4 and Xbox One owners cultivates a ‘platform schism’ between actual friendships, ‘breaking up real-world social groups.’

Fortnite recently introduced cross-play between mobile, PC, and Xbox One players, although it remains to be seen if Sony will allow for PS4 gamers to join in the fun and team up with players on Microsoft’s console.

Epic Games recently launched a new weapon for its battle royale title in the shape of the heavy shotgun.

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