Fortnite pros group up to advocate a collaborative ‘future of the competitive scene’

The Fortnite Professional Players Association (or FNPPA) is an independent assembly of Fortnite pro players who wish to generate a ‘productive dialogue’ regarding the game’s competitive scene with Epic Games (via PCGamesN). 

In a statement posted to the association’s official Twitter account, its motivation is to maintain a positive, professional relationship with Epic Games and collaborate with the developer by voicing their opinions on the competitive side of Fortnite. Of the 16 members, eight are from the North American region, and the other eight are from Europe. 

The developer has a reputation for sticking to its guns with Fortnite’s chaotic crossovers and additions. Well, mainly. Lots of players hated the mechs and in response, Epic Games brought out the blackboards of calculations to show the hunk of metal wasn’t actually that bad. Still, the community continued to complain and so the mechs were nerfed, nerfed again, then set to self-destruct

It will be interesting to see whether this new association affects Epic Games’ party line, but at the moment, its attention may be focused on the possible class action lawsuit headed its way. Legal firm Calex Légal claims that the developer brought on psychologists to develop Fortnite to be as ‘addictive as possible’ to vulnerable children and adolescents. 

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