Fortnite Season 7’s New Skins, Emotes, Wraps, And Other Battle Pass Cosmetics

That cold chill you’re feeling is the arrival of Fortnite Season 7, which launched today and involves an iceberg crashing into everyone’s beloved island. As a result, things are getting a bit nippy in Fortnite, but don’t despair, there’s plenty of new skins that will have your character wrapping up warm.

Naturally, you’ll need to do the legwork to unlock those skins, as well as the accompanying Back Bling, Contrails, sprays, Harvesting Tools, Pets, Emotes, Loading Screens, and various other new cosmetic items types that are available now.

If you aren’t familiar with how it works, here’s a quick breakdown: Fortnite has a Battle Pass which you level up by completing weekly challenges and accruing Battle Stars. The more stars you get, the higher your Battle Pass tier. As your Battle Pass tier goes up, more cosmetics become available. If you need a detailed breakdown, you can read our feature on how the Battle Pass works.

There’s over 100 rewards as part of Season 7’s Battle Pass and, based on how long it has taken in previous seasons, you can expect to sink somewhere between 70 and 150 hours into playing Fortnite if you plan on getting it all. But, before you commit to that, we thought we’d let you have a look at everything you could potentially unlock, so you know whether it’s worth your time and can also focus on certain rewards that you really want.

As detailed in the Fortnite Season 7 patch notes, the update also introduces new areas such as Frosty Flights and Polar Peak for players to discover. Additionally, the update will let you “rule the skies with the new X-4 Stormwing plane.” This is a new kind of vehicle that will shakeup the way people play Fortnite for sure. The patch notes also confirm the arrival of Wraps, a new kind of cosmetic that is new to Season 7. You can see those Wraps, along with new skins, emotes, and other unlocks in this gallery.

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