Fortnite update 1.8 introduces 8 new Heroes, 25 story quests, new enemies and a new zone

Epic is bringing a Halloween theme to its crafting shoot-em-up, Fortnite, and this will be introduced as part of update 1.8 on October 26. Fortnitemares takes over from the Horde Bash event, and sees the addition of a new zone, new characters, and a couple of new weapons. Update 1.8 is scheduled to go live at some point this Thursday. 

This update will unlock a new zone called Hexsylvania, 25 story quests and eight Halloween-themed Heroes. In keeping with the whole spooky theme, there are two new creepy enemies to dispatch with malice, the Pumpkin Head Husk and Vampire Taker. The Pumpkin Launcher and the Grave Digger, the two new event weapons, will help take out these dastardly foes. Players will even be able to unlock a Spooky Llama, which can be bought with in-game candy.

Fortnitemares will likely arrive later in the day on October 26. If you haven’t got all the heroes and weapons from Horde Bash just yet, then you’ve got a little longer to crack away at that. If you don’t manage to collect everything any remaining Horde Bash currency will be converted into regular scavenger tickets.

Fortnite is out now on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

Fortnitemares (PVE) – Announce Trailer

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