Frederick Douglass’ Hair on Google Welcomes You to Black History Month

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I woke up this morning excited because I knew Google would change their doodle to commemorate the start of Black History Month. Last year, it was a graphic of Harriet Tubman holding a lantern, being a freedom queen. I dug it. But THIS year? They got Frederick Douglass front and center.

Frederick Douglass Google Doodle

Come through, Frederick, with this blowout of life! That hair is LUXURIOUS and I salute him for his contributions, and for that coif. Because you cannot outdo Black people.

This is the opposite of struggle hair. This is the hair of prosperity and realized potential. This is hair of perseverance against all odds. Frederick said “you haters ain’t gon oppress my fierce. Not now, not never.” And so it was.

The man prioritized his hair as he fought for freedom, and I appreciate that about him. Apparently, he was the most photographed man of his time and he was not here to disappoint those lenses when they paused and flashed.

I appreciate Google for capturing his follicular fierceness so well in graphic too. You know the designer who did it was like “I gotta get this just right.” As he/she labored for hours and days to ensure that they did the Douglass Do justice.

Edit: AW SNAP!!! I just found out who the artist of this is. His name is Richie Pope and he’s clearly committed to being dope (shoutout to me for making that rhyme. You are all welcome). 

THIS is how you start Black History Month RIGHT. This right here.

I dropped this pic on my Awesomely Luvvie Fan Page and the folks over there did not hesitate to give glory to this ancestral magician.

* That is an asymmetric/bob with a beard connection. That is black history – EBD

* “I don’t always write about the struggle for black equality, but when I do it’s while looking FINE!” –the most interesting historical figure in the world – JD

* Ima show this to my stylist and request she duplicate. – SHA

* His hair is laid like moist dew on the grass in an early spring morning. Your best beautician could never… – AHP

* Freddie D said “You cannot enslave the strength of my press and curl game” – JA

* “Weeping may endure for a night, but my hair will be laid in the morning.” -Someone with priorities – SB

YASSS Lawd gif

* I saw it and was like “Is that God?” – IN

* If Morgan Freeman, ever gets himself a hard press, this would be his rendition, of God! – KC

* Lettuce pray, lawd we come to you on this kale flavored Monday in our best work #alphet to give thanks to you for the artist that doodled this magnificent picture. You move in mysterious ways Fauva, but please tell me thine eyes do not deceive me, is this Frederick Douglas or your Holy son and our wheel taking Black Jesus, IJS that mane upon his head is luxurious and Heavenly. – MSB

* Me: “Eh Fred! Whatchu use on yo hair?” Fred: “Just juices and berries….”
He looks like a 2016 rendering of Morgan Freeman if he went Al Sharpton on us. Charlton Heston couldn’t achieve this stoic image as Moses even if Annie Leibovitz herself took the photo. Give us life, Mr. Douglass…. – SB

* His hair is giving me cloud Mufasa realness and I am what? Here and on time for it. #Remembuh – LC

* “Mr. Douglass can you please come forward to the front of the congregation and receive these blessings from the hair gods.” – BL

* I see he got his hands on some Shea Moisture products and is out here flourishing..YASSS!! – LWW

* I saw it this morning and was like Fredrick got wind machines and Dax! #gloriouslox – TM

* His hair look like Jesus and his angels came down did his part like the red sea and whipped that with flames from the burning bush! #layt – LS

* Especially when the blowout beard is on point too. 💯 #TheRealMVP – TL

* Leaving this right here……..Mr. Douglass NEVER allowed them to catch him slipping. EVERY profile, EVERY part, EVERY time. Coiffure intact. – KS

Frederick Douglass Hair

Luvvie’s note: Freddy wasn’t new to this. He was true to this!

* Freddie had gray lo-lights and I’m here for it! – DS

* No doubt that coconut oil was involved in the making of that glorious mane. – ATH

* This picture belongs on a box of some Dark & Lovely product – BMH

* Freddy’s Fro on FLEEK!! – MM

* Madam CJ Walker would be proud! – SG

Happy Black History Month, y’all! May your hair be LAID like good foundation too. May no weapons against your coif’s glory prosper. And may your favorite conditioner never be out of stock when you run out.

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