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The HotS devs header over to reddit today for another Q&A, and among other things it featured yet another possible tease for Deathwing, with 9 developers (of the 10 there) answering “Yes” to this very specific question: “Are there any heroes currently being worked on that were not in development prior to December 14th 2018? ” – 9 letters being the big dragon’s name. It’s pretty thin, but hey, we’ll take whatever we can get.

Other than that we heard about:

Definite new “different” heroes like Abathur, Murky and Cho’gal coming, with some pretty great community ideas like Vek’lor and Vek’nilash or 2 dark templars already coming in.

Leech effects like Nano Infusion will affect summons eventually, they’re getting to it.

D.Va is in line for a talent refresh.

The Chen rework is already looking good and might be in our hands “soon”.

No plans for HotS esports at BlizzCon.

The devs focus right now is: Heroes, Reworks, Skins, Skin packs and more.

Zagara has made things a bit complicated for future design because of the creep system.

Brawls will remain on the current rotation system for a while, but there could be a new one coming.

No plans to bring back Haunted Mines.

No plans for a map editor.

No new maps, but tweaks and overhauls to existing ones.


There’s a lot more detail in the reddit post, as well as a whole bunch of “maybe, well see” responses to some great questions, so make sure to read the whole thing if you have the time.

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