Frog Mount Battle for Azeroth Model Preview

Today’s Battle for Azeroth mount preview is the PH Frog (Green). This resembles the Frog Loa Krag’wa the Huge in Nazmir.

If you want to see a full list of mounts as well as options to access them in the model viewer, check out the Battle for Azeroth Mount Models post.

Frog Loa Quests

At the BlizzCon 2017 What’s Next Panel, Blizzard hinted that there was a Frog Mount and it would be related to Nazmir and the Frog Loa. Currently on the Battle for Azeroth alpha there is an initial quest chain related to the Frog Loa Krag’wa the Huge.

To Gloom Hollow

There’s only one safe area in Nazmir that this Rokhan and your other horde friends could be in. Gloom Hollow. Lucky for you, it’s also close to Krag’wa’s den. We used Gloom Hollow as a last stop on our pilgrimage. Make your way to Gloom Hollow along the path I’ve marked on your map, and tell any tortollans along the way to meet us there. They’ll be interested in seeing the end of this story. Kisha and I will make our way there and grab anyone else we find.

Getting the MessageStaying Hidden

Da loa be powerful, but we be needin’ soldiers if we gonna have a chance of stopping dem blood trolls from building that giant of theirs. If we not able ta destroy dat thing before it be finished den Zuldazar and all of our people gonna be dead! We need da help of da Horde! Word of da situation already be sent to da warchief. As soon as we be hearin’ her reply, we can mov… Wait… what be dat noise?

There be trouble brewin’, mon. Da blood trolls be on da move! Dey set up a large camp nearby and have been sending a small force to da isle south of here. If they discover our position while we have no defenses, it gonna be game over! We need to see what they be up to and get rid of them. Our best bet be ta investigate da isle south a here. You want ta join me? I be ready ta head out.

Hunt the HuntersFallen Idols

Please, help us, mon. da Frogmarsh be under siege! Me master, da great loa, Krag’wa, he not willing ta bend to da will of da blood trolls and dere dark god, so now they be takin’ his power by force! They slayin’ his children, they takin’ his totems of power. They gonna even take Krag’wa and sacrifice him if we not be able ta end this madness! Stop them! Slay the invaders and their leader. Perhaps that be slowin’ them down for a while. It be givin’ me time ta find a more permanent solution.

The blood trolls seek to weaken Krag’wa, take his power. They steal his idols of power to crack open and feed their magic. Salvage what idols you can, they will be needed to make Krag’wa strong. Strong enough to fight them off once and for all perhaps.

A Poisonous Touch

You… I saw you speak with Zentimo. Please, I don’t have much time left… These trolls, they came for our blood. I was already nearly bled dry before this one succumbed to my poison. Search it’s body, the blowgun and darts should still be there. Dip the darts into my blood and use them to weaken as many of their number as you can. I will not let my death be in vain! If these trolls want our blood so badly, then they shall have it!

The Last Houngan of Krag’wa

I am Krag’wa, the once mighty. Curse the blood trolls and their dark god! They have slain my worshippers until only Zentimo remained, and now even he is gone. I want revenge on the blood trolls, but first I must honor the last of my houngan. As I have no others, I must request you perform the ritual. Then we can talk of revenge.

A True Loa FeastA Magical GlowTo Serve Krag’wa

The blood troll attacks have not stopped until now. They have weakened me significantly and I need to get my strength back. My followers used to bring me offerings of meat from the nearby lands. Go and bring back a mighty feast. My strength will return and we will stop these attacks once and for all.

Long ago when the trolls began listening to the whispering darkness, I instilled portions of my power into the totems that surround my lair. I need that power now. In the swamps north of here are glowflies. Their magical essence will aid me in drawing the stored power from the totems. Collect them and return. Then you will see what I was capable of at the height of my strength.

<This frog has several wound inflicted by naga spears. You can hear the sound of combat nearby. The naga are attacking Krag’wa’s frogs! Killing some of the naga should help Krag’wa’s followers. You’ll have to get to the bottom of what the naga are planning.>

Krag’wa’s ChosenVengeance of the Frogs

Da naga be takin’ da most powerful champions of Krag’wa and drainin’ dem of dere power. Take dis potion, it be returnin’ da power of dem noble frogs. Dey deserve better dan bein’ drained by dese snake bastards. I be stayin’ here, da naga got in some lucky hits on me… I hope Krag’wa be forgivin’ me weakness.

Da naga here are led by a priestess, Zaldraxia. She be da one who wants ta be usin’ da power of Krag’wa for herself. Do what I could not and kill dis priestess, show da naga dat Krag’wa ain’t a loa to be takin’ lightly. I be prayin’ ta Krag’wa for ya success.

Totemic Restoration

I am fed and my body is prepared. I can now be instilled with my power of old and for a time will be immune to their blood curses and leeching powers.

Use the magic of the glowflies to channel my power from the totems into me. Soon you will see me restored. Then we will destroy the army that prepares across the river to take all that is mine by force.

Krag’wa the Terrible

Your previous attack has angered the blood trolls. They now send an army to take everything. They are too late! I am Krag’wa! I will not be eaten, I do the eating! Meet me at the edge of Razorjaw River. You will bear witness to my power, and I will bear witness to yours.

Krag’wa’s Aid

Well done, <name>! Before we left I heard that Princess Talanji was headed to Gloom Hollow. She should be there by now. We should be heading back. She would want to hear the tale of your success!

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