Georgia Woman Poses For Boudoir Photo Shoot In A Bathtub Full Of Yarn

When it comes time for anniversaries, Valentine’s Day, and other special occasions, some women like to turn up the heat with a boudoir shoot. Samantha Bishop is familiar with these kinds of shoots. As a photographer, she offers her services for them. They empower women to feel confident and sexy while making a nice keepsake for their significant others.

According to People, Samantha was joking around with her mother, Lisa, about boudoir shoots. She asked Lisa if she’d consider doing one of her own for her husband, Mike, and Lisa joked, “Only in a bathtub full of yarn.” Lisa had no idea that when it came time to sit down for her shoot that her daughter would actually deliver!

Lisa immediately went along with the idea, climbing into the tub full of yarn and getting ready for some fun. The results are an adorable set of pictures that put a bashful smile on Mike’s face. Since their debut, the images have gone viral.

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