Gran Turismo Sport update 1.18 adds the flashy GR Supra

Developer Polyphony Digital has released a new update for Gran Turismo Sport, offering a revamped Sport mode and a flashy new motor for petrol heads to get their grubby mitts on.

GT League has seen three new events added to the roster, namely Competition de France (Beginner League), Gr.B Rallycross (Amateur League), and Vision Gran Turismo Trophy+ (Professional League). The main highlight here is the addition of the GR Supra Racing Concept car to drive, which was unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show earlier this year.

Elsewhere, the popular Dragon Trail track has been given a new layout for players to cruise around, while the Circuit Experience now benefits from the addition of a new challenge in the shape of the Tsukuba Circuit. Get the full lowdown on Gran Turismo Sport update 1.18 over on the official site.

Gran Turismo Sport was released exclusively for PlayStation 4 in October 2017. 

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