Grieving Dad Breaks Down When Wife Gives Him Reborn Doll

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Shane spent 11 years trying to deal with the loss of his son Jay Lee, who was stillborn. After only getting a few brief minutes to hold Jay Lee, Shane found it nearly impossible to move forward in life without thinking about that devastating goodbye.

Shane’s wife Sharon had also lost a baby girl with a previous partner. In the years that followed, she found comfort in taking care of a reborn doll.

Sharon decided to buy a reborn doll for Shane, hoping it could provide him a similar type of comfort and healing. These dolls are much more than delicate creations; oftentimes they’re exact replicas of children who have passed too soon.

Shane was so excited to learn about the pending delivery — but it wasn’t until he opened the box and saw the doll’s light blond hair, which looked just like Jay Lee’s, that everything clicked.

“I couldn’t believe I finally had my own baby to care for,” he said. “I was amazed at how life-like the doll looked, and the blonde hair was the most emotional part.”

While there are some viewers who have criticized or judged the couple, others understand the doll’s ability to help one heal from an unthinkable loss.

“To all you people saying it’s creepy… you’ve more than likely never lost a child,” one YouTube commenter writes. “Don’t judge these people by the way they choose to cope with their loss. I hope you never have to experience loss of a child. When we lost our 2 babies we had our grieving period, then we decided to write to our babies. We named them and we write to them until we see them again.”

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