Guilty Gear developer has three untitled games yet to be revealed

Arc System Works seems to have three untitled and unannounced games on the horizon that were spotted on the Taiwanese rating boards (cheers, Siliconera).

At EVO 2019, the Japanese developer and publisher revealed that a new Guilty Gear game is coming in 2020. The brief but beautiful announcement trailer showed off Sol Badguy and Ky Kiske in brand new fits, and there was a fresh face introduced at the very end. This hints that the game is an entirely new entry to the series but Arc System Works has re-released Guilty Gear Xrd three times now. It could be a re-release of one of its previous installments, but while we’re furiously brainstorming over here, three new games rated by the Taiwanese entertainment boards have slipped by…

Noticed. The three games are titled (or untitled, depending on your perspective), ‘Unrevealed title A’, ‘Unrevealed title B’, and ‘Unrevealed title T’. That ‘T’ spices it up a smidgeon, doesn’t it? Threw me off as well. Anyway, all three are rated for the Nintendo Switch and are suitable for all ages. ‘A’ and ‘B’ are in the action genre whereas ‘T’ is a sports game. So, what could these three games be based on Arc System Works catalogue of properties?

In 2015, Arc System Works snapped up the rights to Technōs Japan games, including Double Dragon and Kunio-kun. Then in 2017, it nabbed all the intellectual properties of publisher WorkJam, such as the Jake Hunter, Theresia, Nazo no Jikenbo, and Koneko no Ie series. 

A little Googling infers to me that a Jake Hunter game for the Nintendo Switch wouldn’t be family-friendly unless the detective swaps his booze for juice. As a horror visual novel, it probably isn’t a Theresia reboot or port to Switch. But, Arc System Works has a collection of sport games for the Nintendo Wii: the Family series that ranged from Table Tennis to Pirate Party. With the new Switch Lite enjoying quite the success in Asia, a bundle of these minigames moved onto the Switch could reach new audiences. 

There hasn’t been an official acknowledgement from Arc System Works regarding these three unrevealed games, but once we know more, we’ll make sure you’re clued up. 

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