Have a look at some of the concepts for games Boss Key never got to make

In the wake of the studio’s recent closure, Boss Key Productions cofounder Cliff Bleszinski spent some time on Twitter today sharing ideas and concept art for games the Boss Key team never got a chance to make.

The work he shared offers some perspective on what folks at the studio were thinking about when they weren’t working on LawBreakers or Boss Key’s short-lived battle royale game Radical Heights.

It’s also a good reminder that a lot of talented people worked at Boss Key, and Bleszinski directly credits former art director Tramell Ray Isaac, former lead designer Dan Nanni, and former creative director Zach Lowery as being among the collaborators on these concepts. 

The pitches themselves are a fun read, ranging from a team-based multiplayer combat game featuring giant dog-like quadripedal weapons platforms (aka DogWalkers) to VR tubing game Donuts (inspired by the timeless classic Toobin’) featuring a cast of colorful anthropomorphic animals. 

We’ve taken the liberty of excerpting a few bits of art below, and you can find more over on Bleszinski’s Twitter account.

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