HDE Controller Adapter for GameCube Controllers Adapter for Wii U PC and Nintendo Switch USB Controller Attachment Hub with 4 Ports

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Never miss a beat, and smash your way to victory with a plug and play GameCube controller adapter for your Switch, PC or Wii-U. Easy to use adapter allows up to four GameCube controllers to connect up to your console or PC for furious multiplayer battles in supported titles. Adapter is also PC compatible allowing you to vacuum up some ghosts, wake the wind, open the thousand year door and take on space pirates once again via emulation.

Adapter is compatible with newly announced Nintendo Switch Game Super Smash Bros Ultimate and newly reissued GameCube controllers

Please Note:

  • Not all games compatible with GameCube controller adapter, please check compatibility prior to purchase.
  • PC requires additional setup steps and troubleshooting

Adapter allows original GameCube controllers to be used with Wii-U, Switch and PC games | Allows competitive play for up to four players in Super Smash Bros
Plug and Play adapter requires no additional setup and can be used with the Wii-U and Nintendo Switch consoles in supported games | Not all games supported, please verify game compatibility prior to purchase
PC emulation never felt better, adapter works with popular emulators (Dolphin) to allow for authentic retro gaming experiences | Additional setup required for PC use
Supports built-in lag free controller rumble feedback by plugging both USB plugs of the adapter into your Wii U system or PC USB connector ports | Please Note: USB must be plugged directly into console or PC and will not work with USB hubs
Package Contents: 1x USB Adapter for GameCube Controllers | Cable Length: 34 inches, Adapter Size: 5 x 2.25 x 1.25 inches


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