Heroes of the Storm Balance Update Patch Notes: November 27th – News


The Banshee Queen will be reworked alongside Stitches in the next Heroes of the Storm content patch. Check out the highlights!

Rework Goals

Improve her teamfighting capabilities

Increase skill-cap while adding counter-play

Create more powerful and engaging talents

Rework Highlights


Updated with new functionality. Enemies that are auto attacked will gain a stack of Banshee’s Curse, stacking up to a maximum of 3.

At 3 stacks, enemies will take increased damage from Sylvanas, until the Banshee’s Curse buff wears off.

Her trait can be activated, causing all damage that she inflicts to lock down enemy minions, mercenaries, and towers for a short amount of time.

Basic Abilities

Withering Fire [Q] no longer has individual charges. She will instead fire 5 arrows in quick succession, prioritizing the nearest enemy Hero.

Shadow Dagger [W] will no longer spread automatically. Once cast, Sylvanas must attack the same target in order to change Shadow Dagger to nearby enemies.

Heroic Abilities

Mind Control [R1] is now a skill shot. She will fire a projectile in a given direction. The first Hero to come in contact with it will be silenced, slowed, and move towards Sylvanas. 


Barbed Shot (Level 6) drastically increase damage on the last arrow, provided all 5 shots hit the same target.

Unfurling Shadows (Level 1) permanently increases the damage of her Shadow Dagger on enemies with 3 stacks of Banshee’s Curse.

Mercenary Queen was moved to Level 4.

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