Heroes of the Storm PTR Patch Notes: July 10th – News

Smoldering Desert Queen Zagara, Spectral Buccaneer Falstad, Happy Birthday Billie, and the Reaver bundle remain on sale this week along with Deckard, Sonya, and Zagara.

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Hero Sales


Old Price

New Price

Deckard Cain

750 Gems

375 Gems


500 Gems

250 Gems


500 Gems

250 Gems


Smoldering Desert Queen Zagara — 900 Gems

Spectral Buccaneer Falstad — 900 Gems


Happy Birthday Billie is a new mount added to the Collection which costs 10,000 Gold.

The Reaver Dynamic Bundle is still available and costs 1,530 Gems.

Birhtday Billie Mount

Reaver Bundle

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