Heroes of the Storm Update: February 8th – News

A new patch is available for playtesting on PTR until February 10. Abathur and Ana received talent reworks, Rehgar’s Ancestral Healing can now be self-cast, and more!

Patch Highlights

Abathur has been reworked to introduce more counter-play to the Hero. Sustained Carapace is now baseline, the cooldown of Carapace has been lowered, so Carapace no longer needs to be removed to be efficient. Abathur’s locusts are now more potent, but last for a shorter period of time, and more.

Ana is the second Hero that has been reworked in the patch. Her Aim Down Sights was implemented into her base Shrike functionality, and many talents have been reshuffled.

Rehgar’s Ancestral Healing can now be self-cast.

New Delta skins are in for Blaze, Deckard, and Hanzo.

Blizzard (Source)

Our next Heroes of the Storm patch has just hit the Public Test Realm and will be available for playtesting until February 10. As always, if you encounter any bugs during your PTR play sessions, please stop by the PTR Bug Report forum to let us know about your experiences.



Improved compatibility with latest Mac OS versions.


Made several improvements to Hero A.I. behavior.





Carapace (E)

Cooldown reduced from 12 to 6 seconds

Duration reduced from 8 to 6 seconds

Additional functionality:

Shield now persists after Symbiote ends

Additional functionality:

Shield now Heals allied Heroes for 22 Health per second while Carapace is active

Locust Strain (Trait)

Duration reduced from 25 to 16 seconds

Damage increased from 34 to 40

Evolve Monstrosity (R)

No longer takes 50% reduced damage from non-Heroic enemies

Now shows a warning indicator showing where it is going to burrow to

Additional Functionality:

Now has the ability to Deep Tunnel to a visible location every 80 seconds


Level 1

Regenerative Microbes (E)


New Talent: Reinforced Carapace (E)

Increase the Shield amount of Carapace by 40%

Survival Instincts (Trait)

No longer increases Locust duration

Additional functionality:

Increase Locust attack damage by 40%

Level 4

Ballistospores (Trait)


Sustained Carapace (E)


Needlespine (Q)

Moved from Level 7

Level 7

Calldown: MULE (Active)

Healing per second reduced from 100 to 90

Level 13

Assault Strain (Trait)


Bombard Strain (Trait)

No longer increases Locust attack damage

Additional functionality:

Increase the duration of Locusts by 50%

Level 16

Volatile Mutation (R)

Additional functionality:

Damage dealt by Volatile Mutation against enemy Heroes heals the host for 50% of the damage dealt

Level 20

Evolutionary Link (R)

Additional functionality:

Increase the duration of Ultimate Evolution by 50%

Evolution Complete (R)

No longer gives the Monstrosity the ability to Deep Tunnel

New functionality:

Now increases the Monstrosity’s Basic Attack damage by 100%




Healing Dart (Q)

Heal reduced from 205 to 195

Shrike (Trait/D)

New Active – Aim Down Sights

No longer grants Sight or Attack Range

Cooldown from 3 to 4 seconds

Self-slow increased from 20 to 25%

New functionality:

While active, Sleep and Healing Dart ranges are increased by 25% and pierce one target

Eye of Horus (R)

Heal reduced from 285 to 225

Damage reduced from 166 to 135

Added functionality:

Shots now pierce all targets (but still impact and cease on structures)


Level 1

Piercing Darts (E)


Grenade Calibration (W)


Contact Healing (W)

Moved from Level 16

New Talent – Slumber Shells (E)

If an enemy is affected by Sleep Dart, Ana gains 25% movement speed

New Talent – Vampiric Rounds (Trait)

Quest: Each time you stack max Doses on a target Hero, increase Shrikes self-heal by 1.5%

Level 4

Air Strike (Active)


Aim Down Sights (D/Trait)

Removed (New Trait Addition)

Debilitating Dart (Active)

Moved from Level 7

New Talent – Biotic Enhancements (W)

Increase the bonus healing duration of Biotic Grenade by 50% and reduce its cooldown by 4 seconds

Level 7

Temporary Blindness (E)


New Talent – Anti-Healer (W)

Biotic Grenades area is increased by 100% and the duration of the Healing debuff is increased by 25%

New Talent – Night Terrors (E)

When a Slept target wakes up, they are dealt 8% of their maximum Health in damage. If they are woken up early, reduce the cooldown of Sleep Dart by 7 seconds

Level 16

New Talent – Active Reload (Active)

Activate to gain 3 charges of Healing Dart (60 second CD)

Level 20

Ballistic Advantage (R)


Dynamic Shooting (Passive)


Somnolent Doses (Trait)


Custom Optics (Trait)


New Talent – Dead-Eye (R)

The healing and damage of Eye of Horus is increased by 4% for every Hero hit. This resets after all shots have been fired.

New Talent – Armored Stance (D/Trait)

Increase Shrike’s damage by 50%. Gain 25 Armor while Aim Down Sights is active.

New Talent – Dynamic Optics (D/Trait)

While Aim Down Sights is active, increase the range of your Basic Attacks by 4. Each attack increases your Attack Speed by 10% for 3 seconds (up to 50%)



Ancestral Healing (R)

Rehgar can now self-cast Ancestral Healing



Level 4

High Inquisitor (W)

Mana return per stack reduced from 75 to 50


New Bundles

The following new bundles are only available for a limited time!

Join the Resistance Bundle

Viper Returns Bundle

Firestorm Blaze Skin Pack

Deckard Pain Skin Pack

Delta Hanzo Skin Pack

New Skins

Firestorm Blaze

Red Hot Firestorm Blaze

Atomic Firestorm Blaze

Deckard Pain

Infiltrator Deckard Pain

Desert Ops Deckard Pain

Delta Hanzo

Blackout Delta Hanzo

Veteran Delta Hanzo

Badlands Imperator Stukov

Badlands Sidewinder Ana

Badlands Deathfang Genji

Cryo Imperator Stukov

Cryo Sidewinder Ana

Cryo Deathfang Genji

Paramour Pajamathur Abathur

New Mounts


Commando D.E.R.P.A.

Desert D.E.R.P.A.

Badlands Viper Dominator

Flirty Cloud

New Portraits, Sprays, and Emojis

Several new emoji packs and portraits have also been added to the game.

Bug Fixes


Fixed an issue causing Shields applied to non-Heroes to be applies towards Healing Score.

Super Cleanse effects (Abolish Magic) will no longer remove delayed damaging effects (Consume Souls, Last Rites)

Fixed an issue causing Time Stop and Stasis effects to remove Armor Vulnerability effects.

Fixed an issue that could cause a player’s ready state to become locked if Ready and Cancel were pressed in rapid succession.

Fixed an issue that could occasionally prevent players from pressing the ready button when using the Call of the Nexus Quick Match system.

Heroes, Abilities, and Talents

Ana: Fixed an issue allowing cooldowns to tick down during Time Stop if the Hero is affected by Nano Boost.

Cassia: Fixed an issue causing Lightning Fury to be invisible if it pierced a Hero at melee range.

Cassia: Fixed an issue causing Fend to immediately cancel if cast immediately after Lightning Fury.

Chromie: Slowing Sands will no longer slow Battleground vehicles (Dragon Knight, Triglav Protector).

Deckard: Fortitude of the Faithful’s range indicator now matches the actual range of the ability.

Deckard: Fixed an issue with how Potion of Revival benefits from spell power. (should now heal for more)

Kerrigan: Fixed an issue preventing Sharpened Blades from granting kill credit against Heroes with post-death effects.

Li Li: Fixed an issue that caused healing from Cloud Serpent to temporarily fail if the Blessing of Yu’lon talent was chosen while a Cloud Serpent was active.

Maiev: Fan of Knives will now refund the correct amount of Mana.

Maiev: Fixed an issue with Blade Dance’s visual effects blocking command inputs.

Muradin: Fixed an issue preventing Thunder Burn from creating the secondary thunder clap if it lands the killing blow on the affected Hero.

Nova: Fixed an issue causing Holo Decoy’s Snipe projectile to be destroyed mid-flight if the Decoy died.

Nova: Triple Tap will now immediately cancel if the target becomes invalid immediately after starting the Triple Tap cast.

Ragnaros: Fixed an issue allowing Ragnaros to immediately complete the Catching Fire quest if it was chosen during Molten Core.

Rexxar: Fixed an issue preventing Rexxar from controlling Misha while silenced.

Stitches: Fixed a number of issues caused by using Helping Hand on an allied Hero using a Channeled ability that grants Unstoppable.

Stitches: Fixed an issue that could prevent Stitches’ Hook from landing at point blank range.

Tyrande: The Shooting Star talent will no longer attempt to target Sand Tornadoes created by the Boss.

User Interface

Fixed an issue preventing critical healing effects from showing the Crit UI indicator.

Adding and Removing favorite emojis will no longer cause the chat panel and emoji picker to close.

The latest Heroes patch comes with Abathur & Ana reworks, and new Delta skins!

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