High School Issues Strict Dress Code For Parents

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A Texas high school recently refused to enroll a student — because of how her mother was dressed. The girl’s mom arrived at James Madison High School in Houston wearing a Marilyn Monroe T-shirt dress and head scarf.

When the mother asked to see the parent dress code for an explanation, she says the school called the cops to have her removed from the property.

The following day, a memo outlining a new list of dress code requirements was posted to James Madison High School’s website — not for the students, but for their parents.

“Parents, we do value you as a partner in your child’s education,” the principal’s memo states. “However, please know we have to have standards, most of all we must have high standards.”

The memo explains how the school will turn away any parents who show up wearing items such as pajamas, leggings, hair rollers, or hair bonnets.

It seems parent dress codes are picking up steam in other states, too. For example, politicians in Tennessee have sponsored a bill that would require all statewide schools to adopt them.

But the new guidelines aren’t going over as well as administrators may have hoped, as you’re about to see in the video below…

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