Higher-end Mac mini, lower-cost MacBook tipped for Apple’s autumn Mac refresh

The Mac mini will finally make its return this autumn, according to a new report from Bloomberg. Sources say that it’ll be joined by the oft-promised, lower-cost MacBook.

The new version of the Mac mini, which was last updated in 2014, will be geared towards professional users, the report says. That would be a departure from the current model, which is designed for macOS fans who want to hook up to existing peripherals.

While the current Mac mini costs just $499/£479, the newer version would have more advanced processor and storage options, making it more expensive than its predecessor, according to folks familiar with the matter. Bloomberg says it’ll be great for app developers or users running home media centres, as well as server farm managers.

Last year, Apple CEO Tim Cook reportedly confirmed a new Mac mini would arrive sooner rather than later. In an email to an Apple fan Cook reportedly said the Mac mini would be “an important part of our product line going forward.”

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As for the new MacBook, the sources say be more like the MacBook Air, but with thinner bezels and a higher-resolution Retina display. That suggests it’ll be under $1,000, while the 12-inch MacBook line starts at $1,299.

Apple has declined to comment on the report, but it falls in line with research from a noted analyst who predicted the low-cost MacBook and new Mac mini would be part of a wider overhaul of Apple’s product line-up this year.

Both will come during an October event, according to the report. Between this and the September iPhone announcement, Apple is also expected to unveil new Apple Watches and new versions of the iPad Pro.

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