Hitman 2 and Destiny 2: Forsaken are your top gaming stories this week

Love Island is back, and Piers Morgan is absolutely loathing it. For once, I agree with the man. However, nothing could quite prepare for the shocking news emanating from the Simon Cowell camp this week, with Louis Walsh announcing he’s quitting X Factor after 13 years. 

Presumably, Sharon Osborne will just have to find someone else to chuck water over. 

Anyway, a bunch of gaming stuff also happened, so happy reading!

Red Dead Redemption 2 is getting three special editions 

I’m a self-described swag lad, so this kind of stuff is right up my street. Rockstar’s offering three special editions of Red Dead Redemption 2, although only the Collector’s Box matters as it’s the most expensive version, and therefore has to be the best. I mean, it’s got a bandana, playing cards, and lock-box in it, what’s not to love? Okay, so it’s missing the game, but what’s another 40 quid? 

The Walking Dead: The Final Season’s first episode dated for August

Telltale Games’ winning formula was pretty groundbreaking when it first arrived, though fast-forward six years, the whole thing has gotten a bit stale.  Promisingly, the studio is planning to bring the curtains down on its zombie survival drama in style, with whole new art style, viewpoint, and more that looks set to inject some much needed life into a slowly decaying franchise — a bit like the zombies that we’re pitted up against, come to think of it. 

Devil May Cry 5 E3 reveal is looking pretty likely at this point 

Capcom’s flagship demon-slicing series has been on hiatus ever since 2013’s DmC reboot from Ninja Theory, though rumours have persisted for a few years now that Dante will be back to scoff pizza while simultaneously doing a flip-kick on an enemy and using a snooker ball to pot-shot another. The recently trademarked Devil May Cry 5 is the most solid proof we have of a return for the franchise, although this presumably rules out a sequel to the excellent DmC. By comparison, he made the original version look like a 40-year-old cosplayer having a severe midlife crisis. Not a pretty sight. Here’s hoping Capcom has taken a leaf out of DmC’s book in some respect, eh?

Destiny 2: Forsaken unveiled with new Gambit Mode

Bungie’s really attempting to give players what they want with Destiny 2’s second year, and to be fair, Forsaken sounds like it’s worth a punt. For starters, it looks like the enemies are actually new, not reskinned versions of the goons we’ve previously been slugging it out with. The new raid sounds like a winner too, and is meant to be the most comprehensive one to date. Gambit Mode seeks to assimilate elements of both PvP and PvE, something which hasn’t really been attempted before, and should definitely provide a new wrinkle to Destiny 2’s bread-and-butter, alien-shootin’-lootin’ antics. It’s just a shame they’re also asking you to cough up extra cash for new content drops with an Annual Pass, which is really just a Season Pass in disguise (and a bad disguise too; like a Scooby-Doo villain, only, not the ones from SD: On Zombie Island, as those were of course real). 

Days Gone release date announced

Sony’s not-zombie epic is targeting a February 22 release following its delay, but is anyone actually looking forward to it anymore? When you think of PS4 exclusives, everyone’s either all over Death Stranding or salivating over The Last of Us: Part 2. Days Gone was announced two years ago, and in that time has sort of been lost in the noise; it’s simply there, looking pretty but not really doing much else. The problem is that it looks just too formulaic, combining a post-apocalyptic backdrop with a ubiquitous enemy that’s rapidly losing steam.  

Generation Zero is Avalanche’s new game

These days there’s far too many remasters and sequels doing the rounds, so it’s refreshing to see a triple-A dev like Avalanche instead plumping for fresh IP. That’s not to say Just Cause 4 isn’t happening (it so is), but for now, Generation Zero looks and sounds the dog’s bollocks. We’re promised open-world, co-op mayhem, and dynamic rucks with massive robot baddies. 

Hitman 2 announced, gets Collector’s Edition with a rubber duck

Hitman 2’s reveal on Thursday evening was inevitable; the game’s logo had leaked a few days earlier, so no surprise there. What is quite interesting, however, is that the stoic assassin’s latest outing won’t be in episodic form, but instead a full-blown adventure. If you get the Collector’s Edition meanwhile, you can enjoy an Agent 47 rubber duck, which speaking as a bit of tat aficionado, is both amazing and incredibly weird. Still, let’s hope the core loop’s not changed from 2016’s Hitman, as IO got it spot on. 

Crackdown delay confirmed by Microsoft

No matter which way you slice it, this is a massive blow. Microsoft’s exclusive slate for the remainder of 2018 is looking decidedly barren right now. It hasn’t really helped that Sea of Thieves and State of Decay 2, two of Xbox One’s biggest titles of the year so far, didn’t exactly set the world alight either. There’s two ways this can go: Either Microsoft will have to wince and take a kicking until it can roll out some heavy hitters next year, or push something fresh out the door at E3 and get it on shelves, sharpish.

Dead or Alive 6 is happening

Okay lads, we need a word; save some stuff for E3, innit?

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