Honor Calculation Bug Clarifications: December 1st – News



Here’s an update to the previously discovered Honor bug which has been plaguing WoW Classic servers since the launch of the new Honor System. 

Apparently, there’s no issue with data processing, but the game is not always using the latest version of the data. On top of that, Blizzard clarified that kills from your source realm won’t transfer over to your destination realm, because it wouldn’t be fair for you to bring kills from different realms into your week’s standings.

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What about the people like myself that got a rank, but are missing 2K kills towards it. My total kills and last week kills should be the same and they are way off. Metals on Earthfury, if you want to look into it.

We believe this is caused by the same caching issue, and we’re continuing to investigate and make improvements so we can be certain. It’s confusing because the Honor pane is pulling the data from multiple sources, each of which is cached separately, so that leads to discrepancies in the display.

Everything we’ve seen so far indicates that the data is there, and is being processed correctly. The game just isn’t always using the latest version of the data, and we’re working on a fix so that you’ll always see the correct values after logging out and back in again.

If you can believe it, 15 years ago, when World of Warcraft first introduced the PvP Honor system, we had to leave the game offline for multiple hours while the weekly honor calculations completed. We’ve updated things so that’s not necessary anymore, but we need to iron out a few kinks to get this working properly.

I hope that clarifies things a bit for everybody.

I hope what you are saying is correct, I thought it might have to do with my server transfer? Seems my kills before the transfer were not brought into the rank but showing on my Lifetime. Maybe this can help you narrow it down, thank you for the response!

That does help, but unfortunately, Character Transfers will not transfer your kills from your source realm, because its not fair to the players on your destination realm for you to bring in kills from a different environment into that week’s standings. The kills are still recorded, they just don’t count on your destination server. This was true historically as well, and is not a bug.

The character transfer will bring over your current rank, and progress toward the next rank (the results of each weekly calculation), just not the kills that you’ve achieved so far during that week. The best time to start a transfer, if you’re concerned about PvP ranks is immediately after you get your new rank.

We’re continuing to work on improvements so you’ll see the new rank reflected in game as soon as possible after the weekly reset.

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