Horde Classic Cup Recap – Best of 3 Duel Tournament

Comment by pibbz

on 2019-06-04T03:40:12-05:00

Very glad this Noble, humble gentleman won. Especially glad that Cdew prick did not.

Comment by aaaaabbbbbcccccc

on 2019-06-04T03:46:43-05:00

Wow this is the exact kind of community engagement that BfA lacks! I’m going to ignore the fact that this streamer earned exponentially more than they gave away r
in the tournament because classic community good, BfA community bad right? I’m a complete moron! Hahaha 😀 where’s my mum’s credit card again? The streamer needs bits to survive! No store mounts for me thanks!

Comment by NZHBG

on 2019-06-04T04:12:19-05:00

GG nice comp 😀

Comment by Nulgar

on 2019-06-04T05:19:56-05:00

Wow this is the exact kind of community engagement that BfA lacks!r
Which you can’t blame on BfA, but only on the players and their tendency of getting hyped, especially by somehow famous streamers.

Comment by sunshineportland

on 2019-06-04T06:07:37-05:00

why do I see Classic news on my feed? I have only chosen live option.

Comment by bluesolei

on 2019-06-04T06:15:10-05:00

when community driven event gets more views than blizzard so called e-sports, top kek

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