How Stranger Things Became Universal Studios Horror Nights’ Most Impressive Maze Yet

Sure, you can watch Stranger Things at home. Chances are you’ve done that countless times and loved it. What if you could visit the Upside Down in real-life, though? Yes, an actual Upside Down–some kind of dark dimension filled with slime and dead trees and monsters–might not be your idea of a good vacation. But what if you could take a stroll through a replica that probably won’t kill you?

That’s what Universal Studios has built with its Stranger Things attraction at Halloween Horror Nights in the Hollywood and Orlando parks. The haunted maze pulls visitors into the first season of the Netflix series, retracing the steps of Joyce Byers (Winona Ryder) as she searches for her missing son.

GameSpot was one of a few outlets to visit Universal Studios Hollywood for a tour of its Stranger Things maze while under construction. During the tour, Universal Studios Hollywood creative director John Murdy spilled many secrets about the new maze and how his team managed to translate a show as spooky and otherworldly as Stranger Things into a live experience. We were also able to snap some photos of the maze–and get our hands on some others for your viewing pleasure.

Halloween Horror Nights opens at Universal Studios Hollywood and Universal Studios Orlando on Friday, September 14. It runs on select nights through Halloween. Make sure to check out our coverage of the other TV and movie-based mazes the event is pulling off this year.

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