How to Help Cats When You Can’t Adopt Any More

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I love cats soooo much, and so far I’ve rescued four cats from the shelter. If I could save them all, I totally would. Unfortunately, my first three don’t love my newest one yet, and until they forge a friendship, I can’t adopt any more. But that doesn’t mean I don’t find myself wistfully pining over all the cats up for adoption at my local shelters.

Our first girl, Pinot, came to us as a kitten and she and I bonded immediately on sight. The poor little thing came to us covered in fleas and filled with worms (from the fleas) but we got her all fixed up and she’s been making us laugh every single day since. She’s feisty, cuddly, selfish and loves her mama like nothing else. The two of us are forever besties.

We chose our second cat Tia, because I have a soft spot for mama cats. Kittens get adopted easily and the mamas are left behind and it breaks my heart. She was also returned to the shelter after a failed adoption. We suspect it’s because she likes to be up on shoulders and doesn’t understand her claws scratch through clothes. We absolutely adore her in spite of her shoulder habit.

Our third cat, Winnie, was found with her one kitten under a porch and taken to the shelter. What we didn’t know is that she was feral. I had chosen her without seeing her in person, so she spent the first few months under a bed in the corner of the room. Flash forward two years, and she’s my little buddy. I absolutely adore her, but she’s as skittish as they come. I’m so glad I chose her because I’m not sure she would have been picked very easily by anyone else since she’s not a cuddly cat and she hates being picked up.

And our latest cat, Dexter, is our first boy and a major handful. We were warned he was a bit of a bully and that he bites out of affection and a desire to play, but he looks like a teddy bear and purrs so loudly when he’s happy (which usually involves food). I have never seen a cat who wanted to eat more than Dexter does. He is consumed by a desire to eat and he’s an absolute nuisance in the kitchen and during meals. The three girls hate him, but we refuse to give up on him. Besides, nobody else would want him.

We’re magnets for misfits, but that’s what rescuing cats is all about – saving those who’ve been left behind and giving them happy, loving homes.

Even though I can’t adopt any more cats right now, I still find ways to help the shelters as they do the work of finding animals their forever homes. One of the ways I help is through the Litter for Good™ program.

Each time I purchase a green jug of Cat’s Pride® Fresh & Light® cat litter, a pound of litter is donated to a shelter in need.

If you sign up for the free Cat’s Pride Club, you can nominate your local shelter to receive a litter donation!

Learn more at and if you sign up for the Cat’s Pride Club, you’ll also receive coupons, incentives and updates on program donations and shelter highlights.

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