How to Kick Your Holiday Spirit Into Overdrive

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Ever since moving down south to North Carolina where snow is a rarity, I’ve had a much harder time getting into the holiday spirit. See, I’m originally from Michigan, where winter is synonymous with snow. Lots of snow.

Whenever Christmas Eve hadn’t been snowy, I’d wake up and hurry to the window to make sure my white Christmas had arrived overnight. On the rare years it didn’t, I was totally let down. Here in North Carolina, it’s a letdown every year. Boo! But I’ve found a few strategies that help me get into the holiday spirit even when there’s no snow in sight.

Barnie's Santa's White Christmas

Watch a favorite holiday movie as soon as the mood strikes

The other day I noticed that my personal favorite, The Year Without a Santa Claus, was available on Amazon Prime. I decided to put it on while I did some things around the house and the cheery songs brought back memories and made me smile (despite having the flu, ugh). Some people might say it’s too early to be getting into the holiday spirit…but Scrooges can’t get me down.

Subscribe to a holiday station on Spotify or Pandora

There are some great stations to choose from, and the same comment about Scrooges applies here! 🙂

Pick up some special holiday treats a little early

This might be my favorite tip. You know how there are just certain foods and drinks that remind you of the holidays and make you feel cheery? Whether it’s gingerbread, latkes, or a special treat that you usually stuff stockings with, like Barnie’s Santa’s White Christmas blend coffee, what’s the harm in cracking into them a little early this year?

Barnie’s White Christmas blend is a festive coffee blend with coconut, caramel, and roasted nut flavors and comes pre-ground, as whole beans, and in K-cups so there’s something for every type of coffee drinker. Why not grab a box of K-cups to spread cheer at the office throughout the month, or pick up a bag of whole beans to give your French press-loving friend next time you see them?

Barnie's Santa's White Christmas

The first time I tried Santa’s White Christmas, I went for the bag of ground coffee and used it in my pourover coffee maker. It brewed beautifully and actually, it was what I was drinking while I watched the movie I mentioned above! It was nutty, smooth, and with a hint of sweetness — a welcome change from the espresso blend I usually use. It felt decadent without even needing to add cream or sugar.

I also opened up the bag of whole beans and was delighted to see that they’re not just plain brown beans; they’re dusted with white as if covered with a light layer of snow. You can see some of the beans sprinkled about in my photos.

Barnie’s has been around for 37 years, and all their coffees are crafted with high-quality beans. They offer plenty of other unique and flavorful coffee blends besides Santa’s White Christmas and have become a go-to for flavored coffees. You can purchase Santa’s White Christmas from the Barnie’s website here, and get 30% off with the code EATMOVEMAKE30.

Start shopping for holiday gifts…

I love thinking about my family members’ faces when they open my gifts, so getting ahead on my gift shopping puts me right in the spirit! Check out this post for our best holiday gift shopping tips.

…and browse the holiday sections while you’re in stores

While you’re shopping, take a few minutes to walk through the holiday aisles. All the sparkle and festive scents might boost your mood and heighten the holiday cheer. And don’t forget the candle aisle — holiday candles with scents like balsam or cinnamon might do the trick too.

Barnie's Santa's White Christmas

I hope these tips have helped get you into the holiday spirit, especially if you live in a warmer climate like I do where a White Christmas is merely a dream, *sigh*.

And don’t forget, if treats are your chosen method for boosting holiday cheer, you can get 30% off your Barnie’s coffee purchase with code EATMOVEMAKE30!

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