How to Tame Crawgs – Blood Soaked Tome Location Found

Comment by jodmos

on 2018-12-22T20:46:25-06:00

There are already reports in the discord of hunters being rejected in pugs. Can’t believe this is the intended method but with BFA so far I’ve no idea. Plus, Muffinus tweeted out about ‘give pets’ just after this was discovered.

Comment by willie5252

on 2018-12-22T20:46:26-06:00

Leave it to blizzard to find a way to make hunters more assholish in their quests to obtain valuable pets (I remember feeding my friends to Deth’tilac after all)

Comment by Ayvalen

on 2018-12-22T20:46:27-06:00

It may be intended based off the wording of the Tweet. Zul would only consider you heroic if you chose NOT to kill him. “All but the most Heroic hunters.” Meaning, everyone else killing him is a coward and you’re heroic in his eyes for wanting to spare him to continue his blood magic work.

Nope, not intended. Leaving this here so others can see what I said.

Comment by Shashos

on 2018-12-22T20:47:12-06:00

Holy cow… If this is truly the way to get it, then I can foresee hunters getting auto kicked before the Zul fight, or maybe even at the start of the raid just to prevent the person leaving mid fight. I’m honestly wondering what Blizz is thinking with this.

Comment by Draconic1

on 2018-12-22T20:48:53-06:00

I do not believe this is the intended method to get the tome. But probably it really is from Zul heroic.r
Well, so much for getting it for my Hunter… I’m one of the guild tanks… My hunter never goes anywhere near Uldir…

Comment by Alexzandar

on 2018-12-22T20:50:17-06:00

I hope this isn’t the case. Most guilds wont allow this until the raid is on farm, and what about the folks that don’t raid? Hopefully there’s an alternative to getting this item.

Comment by TwistedMetal

on 2018-12-22T20:52:26-06:00

Really? This is how the hunters get an extra pet family to tame? Well Blizzard practically said to pugs “Oh you’re a hunter ya you’re not coming to this Zul Pug”. Did all the creativity go towards the hivemind mount? There were a lot of better ways to get this not just be a &*!@ and leave when zul is at 5%.

Comment by omedon666

on 2018-12-22T20:55:34-06:00

Mr Momoa, my lawn chair please!

Comment by Warstain

on 2018-12-22T20:57:25-06:00

God damn that’s the worst way blizz could’ve ever done that! Damn!

Comment by starchaser14

on 2018-12-22T20:59:07-06:00

This is a pretty horrible way to get a HUNTER PET, of all things. But y’know. Gotta do what you gotta do.

Comment by Jeromsil

on 2018-12-22T20:59:57-06:00

Nothing here confirms that you need to actually Hearthstone during the fight. From the video, you can see that he was still in the raid group. It seems more logical, in my opinion, that a hunter in Heroic Uldir will receive this item directly, like he did, when Zul dies. The fact he was outside the raid seems beside the point.

Comment by Raynre

on 2018-12-22T21:00:17-06:00

“Hey guys, how do we go about making every aspect of this game as painful to play as humanly possible?”

Comment by oedura

on 2018-12-22T21:00:29-06:00

(heavy sigh) If even the “heroic raid only” part (or just “raid”, really) of this is real…

Comment by Skyrei

on 2018-12-22T21:03:31-06:00

That’s… strange. More importantly, how did anyone find this out? Is there a secret hunter who’s go to move is to hearth mid fight? “See! It’s a legit tactic, guys!”

Comment by Ellore

on 2018-12-22T21:03:38-06:00

How many more ways can Blizzard tell players that they don’t want them playing the game?

Comment by RahanWrA

on 2018-12-22T21:04:51-06:00

Could it be more about losing aggro? As in..could a hunter just feign death right before zul dies?

Comment by Coliver

on 2018-12-22T21:07:45-06:00

I very much doubt that this is the intended way to get the tome.

Comment by Fotogrrl69

on 2018-12-22T21:09:04-06:00

This can’t be right, more like a bug of sorts. Im already getting turned down to pug raids.

Comment by Drakni

on 2018-12-22T21:10:24-06:00

Confirmed to be unintended

Comment by selkie47

on 2018-12-22T21:10:41-06:00

Lame. How about we let alts get something fun too without dragging their poorly-geared butts thru heroics?

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