Human Billboard Dad Opens Up About Life And Removing Tattoos

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In 2005, William Gibby began to literally sell his face.

In a desperate bid to keep his family off the streets, William started selling off space on his face for advertisements. According to Vice, the bidding would take place online, and companies would pay William thousands of dollars in exchange for him getting a tattoo of their logo on his face.

On his GoFundMe page, William says it all began after he was laid off from his job at the post office. He wasn’t making money, and soon, his family was faced with an eviction notice. Desperate to keep his children safe at home, William began to sell his body for advertising. He became known as a “human billboard,” according to the Mirror.

William, who also sold his name and is now legally Hostgator M. Dotcom, ended up with more than 30 tattoos on his face, according to Vice. Some of the logos were even obscene. Eventually, William ended up with so many tattoos that no one wanted to pay for them anymore. He was left with a face full of logos and no money to keep his family from becoming homeless.

The tattoos made it hard for William to get a job, so the cycle continued. But now, he’s trying to break it.

In the video below, William opens up about what his life is like now, over a decade after his crisis began. You’ll see in the video below that most of the tattoos on William’s face are gone today.

William says he’s trying to turn his life around. He started with fundraising to remove his tattoos and getting some of the help he needs. He says he was suffering from undiagnosed bipolar disorder at the time of the tattoos and “just wasn’t thinking rationally.”

Even though William did everything as a sacrifice for his kids, and “did what I had to do to keep my kids off the street,” he admits he often “would look in the mirror and start crying.” The public’s negative opinion of William took a toll on his mental health.

But when William realized he needed help, things turned around. With the help of a proper diagnosis, therapy, and medication, William landed a job and a promotion. Now, he works in the mental health field.

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If you would like to help William get more of his tattoos removed, you can donate here.

Photos: Caters News Agency; GoFundMe

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