Hunter Pet Series: Core Hounds

Comment by Zennen313

on 2018-09-29T22:15:05-05:00

My Core Hound is perfectly disciplined… mostly.

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Comment by Esthera

on 2018-09-29T22:28:32-05:00

Esthera and Vanhound are roaring and ready to fire at Will (wheres Will? ) 😛

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Comment by payen659

on 2018-09-29T22:36:43-05:00

My Hunter Allonia with her two core hounds Urzoth and Urzell

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Comment by CrowleyAshens

on 2018-09-29T22:40:05-05:00

I’ve nothing of merit to say. Look at my armor though.

Comment by hstella

on 2018-09-29T22:48:57-05:00

Hey theres a yellow core hound tint missing r
r mine is bicolored btw 😀

Comment by Avayla

on 2018-09-29T22:53:51-05:00

I’m green da ba dee da ba daa

Comment by durf24

on 2018-09-29T22:56:08-05:00

Better have a fire extinguisher on hand with all those core hounds.

Comment by kodora1316

on 2018-09-29T23:29:29-05:00

My Hunter Allonia with her two core hounds Urzoth and Urzellr
Wow thatu2019s amazing! You did a great job with that xmog.

Comment by UpsideDownSmore

on 2018-09-29T23:46:13-05:00

Shot in old BC Shadowmoon Valley, ignore the polearm I usually play survival.

Comment by MortisDarkskull

on 2018-09-29T23:59:51-05:00

Wild dogs. Lava dogs.r
Time for cats on the spotlight.

Comment by Shenzi

on 2018-09-30T00:08:20-05:00

…I can show you the world u266a u2665r

Comment by SharolShlong

on 2018-09-30T00:11:19-05:00

the new ruler of Sulfuron Keep

Comment by syrlinus

on 2018-09-30T00:19:35-05:00 r
Me and the Core Hounds…

Comment by ChristinaSto

on 2018-09-30T01:04:56-05:00

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Comment by caliosidhe

on 2018-09-30T01:08:59-05:00
Chromatic Crusaders! Is that lame? Probably 😀

Comment by ChristinaSto

on 2018-09-30T01:18:02-05:00

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Comment by PimpinGoose

on 2018-09-30T01:35:36-05:00

Since their old home got a bit charred recently, Maraas and Bora have relocated to Kul Tiras. ‘Tis a nice place.

Comment by Mileske

on 2018-09-30T01:54:03-05:00

My Core Hound is perfectly disciplined… mostly.r
I love it

Comment by hraboo

on 2018-09-30T03:02:23-05:00

Hanging around with my FELlas (uff89uff65_-)u2606r

Comment by bonesoul

on 2018-09-30T03:16:15-05:00

character name: Hound Bossr
The master of Hounds..r

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