I Drink When I’m Pregnant — Hold Your Judgment

Editor’s Note: This represents the author’s view only. All pregnant women should discuss alcohol consumption with their doctor.

I drink wine when I’m pregnant. Or prosecco. Whatever I feel like. Hold your judgment.

As a pregnant stay-at-home mom of a less than one year old, I was tired. Throw in some major back pain and a little anxiety about how I was going to handle two under two for the better part of a year, and what I got, at the end of the day, was a pinot grigio. Well, not a whole one. Three good sips, or about half of a small glass, when I wanted it, or when I needed it, consumption that I was comfortable with. I might have my “three sips” once in a while, or a couple of times a week.

I am fortunate enough to have an OB in the family for reference. He is okay with it. My husband is okay with it. Most importantly, I am okay with it.

The key is moderation. Is excessive intake of anything, food, drink, or medication a good idea during pregnancy? Probably not. Are indulgences such as caffeinated beverages, chocolate, or soft cheeses okay occasionally? Yeah.

Alcohol tops the list in big bold letters that the OB office gives pregnant women of things that are NOT okay during pregnancy. Although after two pregnancies, it’s safe to say my OB knows me pretty well, and even though my medical records don’t state it, he can’t be positive that I am not an alcoholic, or really that I have any good judgement at all.

I do not consider myself to be above the medical guidelines or standards set for pregnant women in this country. I just do not believe that because not everyone can practice moderation, it’s right for me to abstain all together, if that is what I feel is right for me. I am an educated, former professional woman in my early thirties who has the ability to make informed decisions. With the knowledge I have, and the resources that I have available, I am able to consider both what is safe for me and my baby, as well as what I am comfortable with, both before and after my baby is born, and act accordingly.

I understand that I have a choice, and that my baby does not. During my pregnancies, I choose not to do anything that I feel puts my baby at risk. I choose not to drink frequently, heavily, or drink liquor. I won’t ride rollercoasters, or use hot tubs, eat raw sushi, or pick up smoking. But if it’s a special occasion, or a particularly shitty day, I may choose to have some wine.

If you happen to see me, do your best to keep your thoughts and opinions to yourself. Even if it goes against everything you stand for, and everything you think you know. Just try to enjoy your wine, or soda, or whatever it is you are choosing to have.

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