Icy Veins Podcast Episode #19 – News

In the latest episode of the Icy Veins Podcast, we discuss the recently announced Hearthstone nerfs, PvP ranks and talents in WoW, Nexomania, Hero reworks, the 2nd anniversary event in Overwatch, and more!


Patrick (@NotPatrick)

L0rinda (@LorindaGames)

Stan (@HeroesPWN)

Aleco (@Aleco_p)


[00:02] Hearthstone: Nerfs for May, HCT decks

[00:10] WoW: PvP ranking and talents, new Azerite traits

[00:20] Heroes: Nexomania, Lunara and Diablo reworks, Sombra

[00:27] Overwatch: Second anniversary event, Rialto map and Hanzo rework live, Pink Mercy

[00:35] StarCraft 2: Balance changes for TvP

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