Icy Veins Podcast Episode #24 – News

In episode 20 of the Icy Veins Podcast, we discuss the latest Hearthstone expansion announcement and new keywords, the latest Azmodan & Raynor gameplay updates in Heroes, Wrecking Ball in Overwatch & more. 


Patrick (@NotPatrick)

Stan (@HeroesPWN)

Aleco (@aleco_p)

In this Episode

For further reading, we’ve added links to news covered in episode 20 of the podcast:

[00:02] Hearthstone: The Boomsday Project Announcement & New Keywords 

[00:16] Heroes of the Storm: Azmodan and Raynor Reworks, Warchrome Skins

[00:23] Overwatch: New Hero: Wrecking Ball, Latest Sombra Changes, Over 12 Mio Raised in pink Mercy Charity Campaign

[00:33] World of Warcraft: Pre-Patch Release Date Speculation, War of Thorns Event (*spoilers*), Dueler’s Guild, Uldir Sets, Multiboxing Changes in Battle for Azeroth

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