Icy Veins Podcast Episode #30 – News

In Episode 27 of the Icy Veins Podcast, we discuss Azerite Armor improvements and Patch 8.1, latest Hearthstone card nerfs, Halloween Terror & Torbjörn reworks, and Morhaime stepping down as president of the company.


Stan (@Heroespwn)

Patrick (@NotPatrick)

Aleco (@Aleco_P)

In this Episode

[02:00] WoW: Azerite Improvements and Patch 8.1

[18:00] Hearthstone: Card Nerfs, Fall Championship, and Global Games Drama

[36:00] Overwatch: Halloween Terror and Torbjörn Rework, Speculation on the Future of the Game

[46:00] Heroes: Mal’Ganis Now Live, Dabiri Leaves the Team

[54:00] General News: Morhaime Retires, J. Allen Brack is the New President

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