Icy Veins Podcast Episode 36 – News

Today, we release our Path of Exile site. It is not entirely finished yet, but the content is there and we felt comfortable sharing it with Path of Exile players from our current audience.

This is a project that we have been working on for quite some time (so nothing to do with the recent Diablo announcements or lack thereof). We developed a CMS from the ground up, using our many years of experience with Icy Veins as a basis for the various features we required on the publishing side of the site. We also added things such as a proper item database or a dev tracker. These are things we can’t have on Icy Veins, because the tech the site is running on would not permit it. Hopefully, one day we can run Icy Veins on our new tech and do all these things, if we feel like it.

As I was saying above, the site is not 100% ready, but it is very close in terms of features. We worked hard in the past two weeks to fix all major bugs, so that end users can have a smooth experience, and we have enough content to cover the currently most popular builds. So we are waiting for your feedback!

Currently you will find the following things on the site: guides and news for Path of Exile, an item database (still missing out a couple of base items), a dev tracker (Official Forums + Twitter + Reddit), and of course forums where people can discuss about that game.

Our guide offering is currently as follows:

Triple Herald Blade Vortex Elementalist Build

Arc Mines Saboteur Build Guide

Glacial Cascade Mines Saboteur Build Guide

Ancestral Warchief Ascendant Build Guide

Ascendant Hit Elemental Build Guide

Aurabot Ascendant, 8 Auras Build Guide

The Cleave Ascendant Build Guide

Herald of Agony Occultist Build Guide

Frostbolt/Glacial Cascade Totems Hierophant Build Guide

Uber Labyrinth Farmer Juggernaut Build Guide

Rain of Arrows Deadeye Build Guide

Tornado Shot Deadeye Build Guide

The Baron Zombies/Skeletons Necromancer Build Guide

Toxic Rain Pathfinder Build

Blade Flurry Gladiator Build Guide

Spectral Throw Raider Build Guide

Cyclone Slayer Build Guide

We also have a beginner guide for fresh exiles.

With all that said, we’re hoping to see you on that new website and are looking forward to your comments!

Please welcome our newest website on Path of Exile!

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