Icy Veins Podcast Episode #38 – News

In the latest episode of our podcast, we talk about Patch 8.1.5 release date, Tools of the Trade items, and Island Expedition gear tokens. We also discuss the new Esports format and the Year of the Dragon in Hearthstone with Sophia.


Patrick (@NotPatrick)

Stan (@heroespwn)

Sophia (@Sophia_Xal)

In this Episode

[05:00] WoW: Patch 8.1.5 Release Date, Crucible of Storms Loot Compendium, Darkmoon Faire Updates, Island Expedition Gear Tokens, Tools of the Trade Items, Mythic Dungeon Invitational

[20:00] Hearthstone: Year of the Dragon, New Esports Structure

[40:00] Overwatch: New Hero Details, Overwatch League

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