Icy Veins Podcast Episode #40 – News

In Episode 38 of the Icy Veins Podcast, we speculate about the Derek & Jaina Reunion Cinematic, discuss Hearthstone’s Rise of Shadows expansion with Sophia, and go through main features of the latest Heroes of the Storm update that will go live next week.


Sophia (@Sophia_Xal)

Patrick (@NotPatrick)

Stan (@HeroesPWN)

In This Episode

[04:00] WoW: Patch 8.1.5 Recap, Derek & Jaina Cinematic Speculation, WoW Classic Content Plan

[16:00] Hearthstone: Rise of Shadows Expansion: Keywords & Mechanics

[30:00] Heroes of the Storm: New Content Patch: Currency changes, Revamped Hero Roles, Character Reworks

[40:00] Overwatch: Baptiste Now Live, Balance Changes, Overwatch League in 2020

[46:00] Diablo: Season 17 Delay, Diablo I on GoG

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