Impressive Warbringers Pixel Art


We have some more great fan creations today, also related to cinematics, and you could say these are remasters as well… They are pretty much the exact opposite of the recent upscales, as they’re both pixel art and still images! Wizardriesx put a lot of effort into these de-masters, and it shows, as they are quite impressive and definitely evoke a very specific feeling – and look very nice as well! Let’s go in chronological order and also throw in the inspiration for each as well:


We didn’t really get enough of Jaina (and especially her ghost ship) in BfA, but this cinematic really set the tone for the somewhat darker angle of the expansion.


And then we have… this… Probably the most controversial cinematic Blizzard have ever done, and one that still gets referenced every time people discuss Sylvanas. The quote picked for the awesome pixel art above really brings home how weak the writing here was, as taken out of context it really sounds like an extremely emo kid talking about their traumatic event of losing an iphone. With the recent revelations surrounding Sylvanas’ true motivation this one makes even less sense, as she didn’t burn the tree just to spite that dying elf, nor did she do it to snuff out hope to win the war… because she never cared about the war – she was always going to just kill as many people as she could… ugh, I’ll stop before I hurt my brain. That and the amazing bow-wielding ranger knee-sliding dual-dagger-like into a mounted opponent… yea, this is one that even the cinematics team that usually does an amazing job every time messed up pretty solidly.


The finals Warbringers was also the best, as we got our first glimpse of BfA’s big bad (and he’s quite big indeed), as well as as getting to finally see Azshara’s origin story from her perspective.


It’s always amazing to see these varied fan creations, from the AI upscaling of old cinematics to Wizardriesx extremely downscaling new ones, all sides of the communities efforts to add to the Warcraft universe are truly awesome.

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