In the name of accessibility, Spider-Man offers toggleable puzzles and QTEs

Insomniac’s recent game Marvel’s Spider-Man has a number of options directed at making the game more accessible to a wide variety of players, something that is becoming more common in modern games.

Those features are nested under an accessibility menu in-game and include options to disable parallaxing, enable large subtitles, autocomplete quick time event (QTE) sequences that would otherwise require button input, switch button taps to holds, and more. 

By including options like this, the dev team removes obstacles that may prevent players from being able to play an enjoy the game in its entirety because of issues with rapid button presses required for QTEs or missed information from difficult-to-read small subtitles, ultimately opening Spider-Man up to even more players. 

Including additional accessibility options like this has become more and more common in recent games, points out a tweet from Game Makers Toolkit creator Mark Brown. Just this year, games like Shadow of the Tomb Raider, God of War, and Celeste have introduced similar settings that individually tweak different aspects of a game’s difficulty or offer customizable subtitles.

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