Initial 8.2: Rise of Azshara PTR Class Changes – News

Sloot talked about Class changes and updates to Mythic+ coming in Rise of Azshara on his stream. Check them out!

Check out the official Patch 8.2 Content Preview for more information about Rise of Azshara!

Upcoming Class Changes in Patch 8.2

Class changes listed below were discussed on Slootbag’s stream and include nerfs to Outlaw Rogues and Protection Warriors in Patch 8.2 as well as buffs to underperforming tank specializations. Nothing has been officially confirmed by Blizzard and the list is incomplete. We need to wait until next week for 8.2 PTR to go live to confirm any of these.

Vengeance Demon Hunters and Guardian Druids will be buffed in the coming patch.

Guardian Druids will have a reduced cost of Ironfur and increased Rage generation.

Vengeance Demon Hunters will have increased survivability outside of Demon Spikes in the form of passives.

They’re fixing tanks by increasing their survivability, no substantial changes are planned.

Outlaw Rogues and Protection Warriors will be nerfed, Blizzard realizes they are currently overpowered. While there are no specifics to share right now, it appears that certain Rogues Azerite traits and Warrior talents will be looked into.

Upcoming Mythic+ Changes in Patch 8.2

Blizzard feels that in the majority of dungeons, players don’t kill enough trash and there’s going to be a fairly large trash percentage rebalance to dungeons in terms of what awards what and how much you need to clear. This obviously does not affect THE MOTHERLODE!!

Players are skipping the majority of mini-bosses (think of Shrine), because they’re dangerous and not worth it and they’re likely going make them give more percent for trash.

They went down the rabbit hole with THE MOTHERLODE that is hard to get out of and it ended up the way it is.

They’re strictly against invisible walls before bosses. That’s not the approach they’re going to take.

The WoW Team is looking into Seasonal Mythic+ rewards (titles, mounts). No ETA, maybe in Patch 9.0, maybe Season 3.

No new affixes are planned until Patch 9.0, except Seasonal.

The kiss/curse affix would require them to rebuild the bucket of the +7 affixes that are here to make things harder for your Class each week. They’re not off the table, but we won’t see them before 9.0.

In the current 12-week cycle there are two affix combinations they want to get completely rid of. It’s a major problem when you’re able to clear +15 one week and have issues clearing +12 the week after.

They think Reaping is too easy and not challenging. The Night Elf racial Shadowmeld is on their radar.


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