Insane Move Speed DH Speedruns Old Dungeons


230-410% move speed, various glitches and skips equal to 18 minutes needed for clearing Vanilla to WoD dungeons!

The Flash just got some pretty solid competition. Shiekrunner went ahead and got some serious speed going to clear dungeons from Vanilla to WoD as quickly as possible, using both the Demon Hunter’s weird mastery scaling at level 101 as well as any other trick, potion and shortcut he could find to get it done! The 230% base move speed number is the literal slowest he can go with this setup, with speeds getting up to 350-410% when everything is procced and going as planned. It takes 18 minutes for him to clear the dungeons, featuring some pretty damn fast single clears, like the 13 second Gundrak run. Oh, and while it may seem the whole video was sped up, there are only a few parts where it was and they’re clearly visible.

Other means of either speeding up or glitching and getting done with the instances sooner are Vrykul Drinking HornVrykul Drinking Horn (for increased size to glitch out of tight spaces), disconnecting by logging in on a different WoW client (used in combination with the growth effect to get out of bounds) and The Sentinel's Eternal RefugeThe Sentinel’s Eternal Refuge swapped out with level 70 engineering boots (which produce the whirlwind effect you see).

And, for the inevitable song question, Shiekrunner answered it already :


1.【東方Eurobeat ENG SUBS】Cosmic Rainbow【A-ONE】
2.【紅魔郷 ボーカル】SOUND HOLIC – No Life Queen
3.【東方Vocal/Eurobeat】 Drive Your Fire 「A-ONE」
4.A-One – One-Way Highway (Touhou Eurobeat)
5.【東方ボーカルENG SUBS】Love the BEAT【A-ONE】
☢!!WARNING!!☢ 東方 Touhou Eurobeat 216

If you want to find out more about all the tools used and hear Shiekrunner’s thoughts and comments on the run, head to the reddit thread.


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