Jdotb BFA Q&A #9 – Mythic+ Healer Balance, Regional Class Preference

Comment by Spanky2k

on 2018-11-12T20:47:56-06:00

I really hope they do some tuning for ranged/melee and, of course, in general between classes and specs. Right now it feels like we’re really holding our group back if my friend and I play aff warlock + boomkin as it means giving up 2 melee which just tend to do so much more burst aoe while also keeping up in ST damage. Plus more interrupts. We both feel like largely the utility pick.

Comment by sinangelus

on 2018-11-12T21:14:31-06:00

“Disc also relies heavily on tanks that can keep themselves alive with minimal attention from the healer, namely DK and monk” r
How does monk stay alive without healer’s attention? Stand inside ring of peace and “can’t touch this”? Their self-healing is on the low side.

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