Jumbo Shapes Peg Board Toddler Games Set – Educational Baby Toys For 1 Year Old 2 3 4 Girls and Boys Stacking Sensory Toys, Peg Math Manipulatives, Toy Storage Backpack & Learning Activities eBook

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Why your child needs the JUMBO SHAPES PEGBOARD GAME SET by Kids Korner in their life.

~Rounded edges of the pegs will not hurt your child.
~Jumbo pegs fit perfectly into your child hand for fine motor development.
~Large peg holes interlock easily into other pegs to increase focus, attention and hand-eye coordination.

~Textured surface will not dent or damage easily for a long lasting product that can be handed down.
~Large holes allow pegs to fit snuggly with a little bit of pressure
~Thick foam board allows pegs to be inserted all the way through for a strong foundation for building tall towers.

~What is a toy without a game?
~Learn 6 colors by rolling the dice then finding the same colored peg to insert into the pegboard or stack on top of another peg.

~6 Colors and 6 Shapes
~Color matching
~Sharing and Taking Turns
~Stacking pegs to make towers
~Hand eye coordination
~Increase focus and attention
~Strengthen hand and arm muscles
~How to clean up after play using the toy storage backpack included.

18 Jumbo Shape Pegs (3″x2)
1 Giant Green Bear Shaped Foam Board (9″x12″)
1 Bear Color Dice (1.5″x1.5″)
1 Kids Korner Storage / Travel Backpack (10″x13″)
1 Learning Activity eBook including over 30 pages of fun games and activities!

SHAPES to learn: hexagon, circle, square, triangle, star and heart!

COLORS to learn: red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple!

ORDER NOW BECAUSE LEARNING WAS MEANT TO BE FUN!BABY ACTIVITY CENTER | SHAPE SORTER BABY TOY | These infant toys and learning toys for 2 year olds are a Montessori puzzle. The peg manipulates allow your little one to learn, play and grow as they grab, stack, build & tap the baby learning toys together. Use the pegboard baby blocks as a stacking toy, building toy and a matching game for shape and color recognition.
MONTESSORI TOYS FOR TODDLERS | The shapes pegboard is the perfect learning resources set to help toddlers develop fine motor muscles as their curiosity and discovery emerges. Use these building toys and color sorting toys for toddlers for counting, sorting, patterning, stacking, toddler art and color matching games. These jumbo toddler toys make fun interactive puzzles for 3 year olds. They are great autism toys, occupational therapy toys, toddler gifts and educational toys for 2 year olds.
PRESCHOOL LEARNING TOYS | Preschoolers will use these peg stacking toys to prepare for kindergarten. These kids toys will give your child a head start – so, take advantage of the toddler learning activities eBook for fine motor toddler board games. These kids discovery toys can also be used as bath toys, outside toys for toddlers and Montessori toys for 3 year olds.
KINDERGARTEN MATH MANIPULATIVES FOR KIDS | Kindergartners will learn basic counting skills and apply it to more advanced math skills such as ten frames, graphing, fractions and base ten. Use these Montessori Materials math counters to identify shapes, numbers and colors and their relation to one another. Challenge your child with fun math games as he or she tinkers with the jumbo pegs in board. These building construction toys are everything you need to get started in helping your child succeed.
COMPLETE TRAVEL TOYS | These toddler travel toys are inspired by Montessori learning! These fine motor skills toys make great travel games for kids in airplane, are great stem toys for girls, can be fun backyard toys, high chair toys and beach toys for kids or can be used as part of an outdoor playhouse. Son perfectos juguetes para ninos. The possibilities are endless with the Jumbo Shapes Pegboard Set by Kids Korner.


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