Jumbo Sorting & Counting Dinosaurs Matching Game – Educational Dinosaur Toys for 2 3 4 5 Year Olds with 54 Math Manipulatives, Dino Grabber, Toddler Games Dice, Toy Storage & Kids Activities eBook

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ENCOURAGES CHILDREN TO USE THEIR MINDS – Children today rely too much on technology so it’s always beneficial to play with toys and focus on hands on, interactive fun that requires thinking skills.

BUILDS CONFIDENCE – Once all the dinosaurs are sorted, children are so proud of their accomplishments which increases their belief and self confidence.

These educational toys for toddlers also can be used as BAKING TOYS FOR KIDS.

SPEND QUALITY TIME WITH YOUR KIDS – Make Rainbow dinosaur egg cups for jurassic fun in the kitchen! Remember to wash the baking cups before & after cooking – then you can get back to learning to count, sort and manipulate with the rainbow counting dinosaurs!

48 Rainbow Counting Dinosaurs (1.25″ x 3″)
6 Matching Rainbow Dinosaur Egg Cups – for sorting and for baking too! (3″)
1 Fine Motor Dinosaur Grabber (5″)
1 Color Matching Game Dice (1″)
1 Number Matching Game Dice (1″)
1 Kids Korner Travel Backpack (10″ x 3″)
1 Toddler Learning Activities eBook Download – over 30 pages with educational games and dinosaur fun facts

BPA Free, Latex Free, PVC Free, Non Toxic, Washable & Safe for All Ages


Tyrannosaurus Rex -aka- T-Rex

PARENTS, TEACHERS & HOMESCHOOLING – Use these learning resources to build a strong foundation which helps develop early math skills.

ORDER NOW TO GET THE PERFECT GIFT FOR EVERY TODDLER!BABY ACTIVITY CENTER | BABY STACKING TOYS: The sorting dinosaurs counters with stacking cups is the complete Jurassic package. The dino eggs set includes a fine motor dinosaurs grabber, 2 dinosaur games dice, 48 dino replicas, a travel toy dinosaur backpack & ebook. These montessori toys for 1 year old allow children to focus their attention on the movement and placement of the dinosaur objects as they become aware of balance, coordination and gravity all while playing.
DINOSAUR TOYS FOR TODDLERS: These early learning resources and educational toys for toddlers are designed to stimulate learning. The rainbow counting dinosaurs encourage fine motor skills development through play. These stacking toys for 1 year old are perfect for learning colors for toddlers by using the sensory toys dinosaur grabber to pick up and put each dino counters in its matching dinosaur eggs. The toddler puzzles dinosaurs are a memory game and great color sorting toys for toddlers.
GAMES FOR PRESCHOOLERS | COUNTING, SORTING & KIDS MATCHING GAME ACTIVITIES: Who is ready to play? Yes, parents will want to play with the dinosaur toys game too! These dinosaur toys for boy and girls will prove that nothing can compares to learning while you play. Grab the toddler games dice and lets roll. For beginners, play with the color dice. Then play with the number dice. When you feel ready – roll both! Remember to use the dino grabber as you help each dino find its home.
KINDERGARTEN MATH MANIPULATIVES: Use the number dice to help differentiate between the visual number to the physical dinosaur math counters. From numbers and counting, to adding and subtracting, base ten, graphing and ten frames, refer to the dinosaur activity book for step by step toddler learning activities. The dino eggs puzzle game is a great color sorter game and egg cups game too.
FINE MOTOR SKILLS are small movements such as picking up small objects and grasping it in your hand and then releasing it. The Jumbo math manipulatives help children develop cognitive muscles by building the relationship between the mind and the hands. These stackable toddler toys for 1 year old makes a great dinosaur figures set or the perfect gift. Let your child explore the jurassic world around them with these dinosaur toys, Montessori materials and occupational therapy toys by Kids Korner.


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