Just Cause 4 brings trials, toys and terror in its latest update

Avalanche Studios has taken the wrapper off its latest content update for free-roaming explosive adventure Just Cause 4, adding a bunch of new challenges and rewards to the game and more.

First up, a bunch of free challenges have been added for everyone, which will task players with achieving certain goals. Successfully do so, and you’ll unlock exclusive wingsuit and parachute skins. In addition, a new free retro Just Cause 2 skin has been added to the customisation menu which turns the clock back on Rico’s appearance to how he appeared in the second game in the series.

Meanwhile, a new Black Market has been added to the game, which will add new ‘premium’ content for you to buy to use in the game’s open world playground every month. First up is the  ‘Toy Vehicles’ pack, which adds a dinky jet, tank and boat for you to cause adorable looking havoc in. In addition, when you use these diminutive vehicles, the Black Hand will respond with their own tiny equivalents in kind.

Finally, the new ‘Los Demonios’ DLC launches today for those who own the Gold Edition of Just Cause 4 or the game’s Season Pass, with everyone else able to get their hands on the demonic-themed expansion next week. You can find further details on the Just Cause 4 developer blog.

JUST CAUSE 4: Trials, Toys and Terror Update

Just Cause 4 is available now on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC – and a movie of Rico’s exploits is apparently in the works.

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