Kellyanne Conway Gotta Get Her Feet Off That Couch

Let me tell you something. The entire Trump administration must be made up of people who were raised by savages. Every week, they do some shit that is unbecoming of what people do when they are raised with sense as a core value and guiding principle.

Latest is the picture that dropped yesterday, of a meeting in the Oval Office with the heads of HBCUs (Historical Black Colleges and Universities). First of all, everything about the picture tap dances on my very last nerves.

Kellyanne Conway Couch

But I’ma let these HBCU presidents cook for now. What I am mostly concerned about is Kellyanne Conway and her lack of refinery. Money can pay for tuition but it surely can’t buy class.

GET YOUR GAHTDAMB FEET OFF THAT GOOD COUCH, KELLYANNE. Where do you think you are?? This is the Oval Office, not your slumber party. Why are you so comfortable? This is not your house and you don’t pay rent here so what you ain’t gon do is defile the furniture by wearing your outside clothes and then putting your outside feet on top of it. I bet that couch now smells like onion rings. Just unprofessional as hell.

This is a room where everyone else is in a suit and she’s all casual like she’s at her humble abode. It’s a mess.

This woman ain’t got no home training. Not a piece of broughtupsy to be found. Does she have on shoes? That couch looks like it stains easily and I don’t know where her feet have been and what she’s trudging in. I’m just mad for whoever has to come clean. But then if she doesn’t have on shoes, why is she in the freaking Oval Office without something covering her corns? Either way you slice it, this is unacceptable.

Someone’s grandma is throwing their shoe at Kellyanne’s head as we speak. She’s the reason for plastic over furniture. She is the reason why none of us are allowed to sit in the sitting room.

And then she’s in a dress, with her knees all far apart. What did a philosopher we all know as Lenethia Leakes say? CLOSE YOUR LEGS TO MARRIED MEN.

Again, these people must be raised by savages. Out here looking like she’s texting Cher about the burn book she just created. And Mango Mussolini is standing in the middle looking like Dennis the Menace. Nothing about this picture is right.

And this meeting of the HBCU presidents. Fine, if they had to go, ok. But that doesn’t mean they had to be cheesing for the camera. Shoutout to the women in the back who look like they’re mean mugging their way through it. Thug misses. That’s how everyone shoulda been. There shouldn’t be any teeth showing in this picture. They shoulda coordinated that via a GroupMe thread beforehand. “We are going to this meeting but we will not smile. Pass it along.” But nooooo. Some of the folks in this picture showing ALL 32. I’d be the one in the picture being all “I’m just here so I won’t get fined.”

Ugh. Another day, another woe.

And reminder…

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