Kevin Payne Puts Baby To Sleep By Talking About Job

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New parents are always looking for tricks to get their little bundles of joy to sleep. From rocking to singing to driving in a car, sleep-deprived parents will do just about anything for some shut-eye for the baby — and themselves.

But one clever dad may have come up with a perfect solution. In the video below, doting dad Kevin Payne from Cortlandt Manor, New York, puts his 5-month-old son Carter to sleep by explaining his job as a technology resiliency manager. Let’s just say little Carter is bored silly — or rather, bored sleepy

Kevin begins describing the various infrastructure tests his team works one, and Carter’s eyes quickly begin to close. After asking if his son is paying attention, Kevin proceeds to talk about the fun he has shutting down production test applications.

He then reminds his son that if he works hard enough, he too can someday work on weekends. But Carter is out cold so he may have to repeat that last part tomorrow night!

“Carter is not a good sleeper and I cannot carry a tune so rather than sing him to sleep I just talk about work until he drifts off,” Kevin said.

This video is hysterical and one I am sure many parents will relate to. Why not try this technique the next time your little one won’t go to sleep?

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