Kids E-Z Travel Lap Tray, provides organized access to drawing, snacks and activities for hours on-the-go. Includes BONUS printable travel games, Patent Pending (Black)

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You are on the road no longer than 5 minutes when your toddler screams in anguish about their dropped crayon. While trying to maintain control of the car, you reach blindly behind your seat desperately hoping to grab a hold of that possibility for a peaceful ride. Alas, you failed. This all-to-familiar scenario HAS to have a better alternative, where you don’t need to risk everyone’s life just to keep what your children need in their grasp!


When you purchase your E-Z tray, here is what you can expect, where creative self-entertainment is always within arm’s reach!

E-Z Tray provides a safe, flat and sturdy surface where your child can eat and play. And it is E-Z to put on and E-Z to take off: simply wrap and click the strap around your child’s waist.

This Snack and Play Travel Tray Features:

  • Two removable mesh pockets for storing supplies and snacks
  • Includes a cup holder built into the kids travel tray
  • Machine Washable: remove interior foam and plastic insert before washing
  • Material Types: Ripstop Polyester fabric, nylon and inner foam pad
  • Expandable Back Zipper Pocket provides additional, large storage for paper, books and tablets
  • Foam insert provide a soft cushion on their lap; Sold Plastic Tray insert creates a sturdy drawing table
  • Dimensions: 15X12X3 inches
  • Color: Charcoal Gray with Red Trim

As a parent, make traveling fun and E-Z for everyone with E-Z Travel Tray. Creative play is just an order away! E-Z Travel Lap Tray. Available now. Orders yours today!✏️ UNLIKE ANY OTHER TRAY: While other trays are flimsy, cheap, soft and bent, ours comes with foam and plastic tray inserts to create a solid, firm and flat surface for your child to write and play on. This means your child will have self-entertainment within arm’s reach, where ever you go. Patent Pending
✏️ FOCUS ON THE ROAD and prevent fighting kids in the back seat; without using electronics, kids will be occupied and creative! They will be busy using their kids lap tray.
✏️ UNIQUE FEATURES (PATENT PENDING) include larger size than most travel trays, zipper-protected pocket and expandable storage to hold notebooks, crayons, snacks, or even a tablet
✏️ DURABLE and WIPEABLE for quick playing and eating, and even MACHINE WASHABLE for germ-free cleaning
✏️PERFECT FOR FAMILIES ON THE GO: Holds crayons, snacks and toys, preventing them from rolling off or from tray giving way on your child’s lap


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