Kids Travel Tray by KIDSMARTER – Toddler Lap Tray, Play Tray, Snack Tray, Activity Tray, with Mesh Storage, for Car Seat, Stroller and Plane (Blue)

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The Kidsmarter travel tray provides the best way to entertain your child while driving.

Does Junior hate having to stop playing with modelling clay? Or was he in the middle of his Lego masterpiece and your need to take a car ride is inacceptable? And you know that coloring book he started this morning is not going to finish itself. And all these things simply cannot be done in the car! Well, they can when parents get smart and buy a Kids Travel Tray by KIDSMARTER!

There is nothing your little one can do at home that he cannot do on this toddler travel tray for car seat.

The kids play tray has strong margins that keep toys, crayons, and modelling clay from rolling off and onto the car floor.

Forget about having to pick up toys from between the car seats while your child shrieks.

This kids travel tray for car seat is built to last and it is highly practical. Its sides don’t collapse over the play space hindering fun and snack time. What is more, the margins have useful pockets which can be used to store snacks, bottles of milk for Baby or toys, and they act as a great support for tablet, phone or any other device. Once you set the tray in place, it will not wobble.

The only thing you will be wondering about is how come it’s so quiet back there.

The base of the KIDSMARTER kids car seat travel tray is solid and does not bend like those of thinner models. So, snack time will be safe time, with all the food in place.

Speaking of snack time, the kids lap tray is waterproof, therefore a brake or a tight curve may spill some juice, but the tray can be wiped clean in a jiffy and good to go for another round of fun. Keep your car clean and your child entertained!

And this is not all: the Kids Travel Tray by KIDSMARTER can even be used on strollers.DO YOU WANT TO DRIVE PEACEFULLY? THIS THE PERFECT TOOL FOR ENTERTAINING YOUR KIDS ON THE GO – Keep your kids happy and calm while flying, traveling by car or in a restaurant, with this car seat lap tray!
SNACK AND PLAY SURFACE: the kids can entertain themselves for hours or enjoy a snack at their discretion just by using the snack play travel tray. The materials of the children’s travel tray, including the mesh pocket storage, can be washed with little effort on your part.
UNIQUE FRONTAL MARGIN FOR KEEPING THE TOYS AND FOOD ON THE TRAY: The kids play tray is designed extremely sturdy so that no toys or food go over board and fall down on the floor.
MULTIPURPOSE PORTABLE CAR SEAT TRAY: allows the children to eat on it, read on it, support the tablet or phone, color, play with magnetic toys, cars, dolls, wax, and many more.
ULTRA DURABLE AND LONG LASTING: This car tray for kids features extra insert layers in both the (borders) side walls and the base along with high quality fabric and strong buckles to keep the kid’s travel tray sturdy.


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