Kim Kardashian Admits Daughter North Makes Her Own Beauty Decisions

When your mom is Kim Kardashian West, you are destined to become a beauty icon, and it seems that North West is already embracing that label. Kim shared an Instagram story the other day that showed North experimenting with her KKW x Mario eye shadow palette.

“I look over, and she’s destroying the palette, and has blue eye shadow all over her face,” Kim told Entertainment Tonight with a laugh.

In the Instagram video, Kim unsuccessfully tries to get North to stop destroying the palette, but North just keeps on painting. Kim says that North, like her father Kanye West, has a mind of her own, especially when it comes to beauty.

Case in point: North’s recent hair upgrade. Northie has been rocking long, straight hair recently, a look her mother only allowed because it was her birthday.

“Everyone thought she had extensions,” Kim explained. “She doesn’t; she just has really curly hair. I don’t really let her straighten her hair, but it’s her birthday, she wanted straight hair, so that was her thing.”

So how do you keep your 5-year-old daughter grounded when she lives in Hollywood with ultrafamous parents and already demands things like having her hair straightened?

“She has to be really good,” Kim said. “Earn the things and do her chores and walk the dog.”

In related news, Kim revealed that a kid’s makeup palette could be on the way for KKW Beauty. Great news for the next makeup-mogul generation of Kardashians!


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