Kind 8-Year-Old Boy Helps Frail Stranger On Her Steps

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Sometimes it’s the simplest gesture that can make the biggest impact. Here’s a clip that’s going majorly viral and warming the hearts of millions.

Contricia Hill of Georgia had just left a high school graduation with her two children when they saw an elderly woman crossing the busy road.

Suddenly, Contricia’s eight-year-old son, Maurice Adams Jr., asked her to stop the car. He wanted to help the stranger make it safely up the stairs and back to her home.

Maurice had no idea that another stranger, a man named Riley Duncan, was recording his every move. Riley watched as the little boy jumped out of his mom’s car and hurried over to the frail lady struggling to use her walker on the concrete staircase.

What Maurice did next touched Riley’s heart so much that he posted the video on Facebook with the caption, “Thank God for our youth.”

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